Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Halloween & Harvest Favorites

Candle Impressions Halloween and harvest flameless candles are now available in gift stores across the country. This year we’ve added tons of new designs to the collection that you're sure to love!

Here are just a few of our favorite picks. Remember: you can find a Candle Impressions retailer in your area at this link

Ghosts, DS92402; Skull, CG10175WH; Hand, CG11506WHCC
Owl, CG11509CR00; Bat, CG11508CR00
Large Pumpkin, CG11503OR00; Small Pumpkins, CG10923OR4

BOO! Here are some decorating ideas for your flameless candles: 
  • Fish Bowls - Fill a fish bowl with leaves, flameless candles, and twigs to create an eerie fall look 
  • Fall Wreaths - Fasten your favorite flameless candles to a wreath and turn on their timers for easy lighting 
  • Windows - Place flameless candles on your windowsills Halloween night for a spooky Victorian look 
  • Pumpkins - Light your Jack-o'-lanterns with flameless candles to eliminate fire risks 
Flameless candles are an easy way to create a safe fall look and build up the Halloween anticipation!

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