Friday, 28 March 2014

Earth Hour: March 29, 8:30 - 9:30 PM

Earth Hour 2014 will be happening on March 28 from 8:30 - 9:30 PM in 7,000 cities and towns across the world. During that hour participants will turn off all non-essential lighting to join the symbolic movement that unites people under one common goal: to protect the planet. 

Earth Hour has grown into a large movement that encompasses a variety of environmental issues and has spurred many successful political initiatives. For more information on Earth Hour, please visit the official website here.


Candle Impressions® is celebrating Earth Hour again this year and encourages our entire community to do the same. Whether you support a specific cause or just want to show your love for the Earth, Earth Hour is the perfect time to pay homage to our home and reflect with friends and family. 

Since celebrating Earth Hour requires participants to turn off all non-essential lighting, many people use candles for light. According to the National Fire Protection Association, using candles as a source of light drastically increases the chance of a fatal house fire occurring. 

Please use Flameless Candles as your safe light source during Earth Hour to prevent a tragedy from happening in your home. Tweet a picture of you using Candle Impressions® during Earth Hour with #FlamelessEarthHour to join the community.

 Candle Impressions® is available at a variety of retailers, click here to find one near you. 


Want to celebrate the Earth beyond 60 minutes? Use Candle Impressions® Flameless Candles as a safe & environmentally-friendly candle alternative. 

Here's why Candle Impressions® Flameless Candles are environmentally-friendly: 
  1. Candle Impressions® Flameless Candles do not release any toxic soot or smoke, unlike most lit candles
  2. Candle Impressions® has the longest battery-run times in the industry. One set of 2 "C" batteries can last up to 3,000 hours. That means less battery waste! 
  3. Candle Impressions® products run perfectly on rechargeable batteries. Combined with our long battery-run times, that means little-to-no waste!
  4. Traditional candles quickly melt down and need to be replaced. Since Candle Impressions® uses durable and high-quality materials, our candles last for years.
  5. Candle Impressions® manufactures rechargeable candles for restaurants, spas, and hotels who otherwise would go through hundreds of candles a year!
  • Earth Hour originated in Sydney, Australia in 2007
  • Earth Hour was started to educate people on climate change, a theory many denied in 2007
  • The Earth Hour Logo (60+) symbolizes the need to address our environmental impact beyond the 60 minutes of Earth Hour 
  • 7,000 cities/towns participate in Earth Hour across the world
  • Earth Hour is held in March because the northern & southern hemispheres both experience equinox (day & night are of equal length); this maximizes the visual impact 
  • Earth Hour is a WWF (World Wildlife Fund) initiative 
  • Earth Hour 2013 was the largest yet 
  • Spider-Man is the 2014 Earth Hour ambassador and calls everyone  be a planet superhero with the "Use Your Power at" tagline

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