Wednesday, 26 March 2014

DIY Bunny Night Light

Some of my most fond childhood memories took place around Easter. To me, Easter meant robin eggs, blooming lilies of the valley, soft pastels and, most importantly, time with my mom. 

Every Easter my mother and I would make some kind of Easter-themed craft together: from something as simple as painting eggs, to as complex as sewing bunny purses. These crafts have turned into keepsakes and memories that I continue to cherish. I share them with you in the hopes of inspiring some crafts of your own. 

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, spring is the perfect time to embrace new life, the awakening earth, and spend time with your family. These Bunny Night Lights featuring a Flameless Tea Light are just one of the many Spring crafts we have in store for you.

Because of the needle, scissors, and superglue, this is a craft best for older children with constant adult supervision and assistance. The superglue is just as dangerous as the scissors. If you manage to get your fingers stuck together, do not let the glue set because it hurtstrust me!

Adding the toilet paper is optional. It gives more definition to the head, but prevents light from shining through. Up to you to decide which you prefer! To clarify, the outline of the bunny was sewn, but the pink was glued on. 

All that's left to do is place the felt bunny over top a Candle Impressions® Flameless Tea Light, available at Walmart, and add the wire whiskers!

These adorable Bunny Night Lights are perfect for kids and there's no need to worry about a fire hazard with the Flameless Tea Lights. We decided to incorporate them into a fun spring vignette design, but the possibilities are endless! Please remember this craft is not suitable for young children due to choking and safety hazards. 

Happy crafting! Comment with any questions.

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