Monday, 17 August 2015

Wedding Tips: 7 Ways to Decorate with LED Candles

Just because your venue doesn’t allow for candles, doesn’t mean you have to go without candlelight. Candle Impressions LED flameless candles are perfect for weddings with products available in any style, for indoor and outdoor use.

Here’s how to use LED candles at your wedding to make your special day spectacular.

1. Line the Aisle

Lining the aisle with Candle Impressions 4 – 8 inch pillars is a great way to add instant romance to your ceremony and provide a grand entrance for the wedding party. The amber light creates a soft warmth that complements all décor and outfits for photo perfection. The raised candleholders eliminate the extreme height difference between the seating and the candles on the floor that otherwise may seem jarring. This is your guests’ first impression of the wedding, so make it count.

2. Reception Table Décor

Flowers are a staple centerpiece, but candles are a good way to balance the height of tall arrangements. These tall bouquets of white hydrangeas and roses are perfectly anchored by small, mercury glass votive holders that add some light and sparkle to the table through their metallic-finish. We love how the warmth of the amber light plays off of the peach, pink and gold tones of the room… beautiful!

3. Head Table Glamour

Nothing draws the eye more than light. Your flowers may be gorgeous, but a dim room won’t do them justice without a little candlelight. Flameless candles on the floor and in raised candle holders are a great way to taper off the table decorations and draw eyes to the head table. We love the combination of traditional and flameless candles here; they complement each other, not compete.

4. Buffet Table Details

Small details matter and can really complete a look. The tiered desert stands on this table suggest an antique look, but the mercury candle holders solidify it. The candles are a great way to fill awkward space and add a dazzling effect, as seen here with our pillars and votives inside of the metallic holders.

5. Dance Floor Markers

Defining the dance floor is very important. If guests are unsure where to bust a move, chances are they won’t and you’ll run the risk of having a subdued dance floor. Traditional, open flame candles aren’t an option here because the fire risks are too great. Candle Impressions, on the other hand, won’t light any dresses on fire or cause damage if knocked over.

6. Guest Guides

Similar to the dance floor logic, candles can serve as good indicators for guests. If you would like to draw attention to the bar or a guestbook, place candles and flowers in that area so people are subtly prompted to visit. This is especially important if the room is filled with other distractions and signs that aren’t directly related to the wedding.

7. Photo Ops

Candlelight not only creates a beautiful setting for weddings, but apparently can serve as a great prop. Candlelight has a way of summoning feelings of family and nostalgia; these warm feelings can translate to a great photo if given the right opportunity. Plus, Candle Impressions is safe for all ages. 


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