Friday, 13 February 2015

DIY Valentine's Day Mason Jars

Happy Valentine's Day, CI lovers!

This year we've decided to jump on a big trend: Valentine's Day mason jar crafts. But ours are rustic vases that work as candle holders... at the same time.

How? Our floating LED candles!

To make them, all you need to do is:

1. Clean a plain mason jar: ensure all oil residues are removed.
2. Cut-out hearts from paint tape and stick them onto the jar where you would like a window.
3. Paint with acrylic paint (we used dollar store paint).
4. Spray with Krylon Matte Finish spray (this will help protect the paint from water and give it a dull appearance for that shabby-chic look we all love).
5. Add water, your floating LED Candle Impressions tea light, flowers, and you're done!

Like the lit-up tulips? Find out how to make them here.

See the floating LED tea light in the striped mason jar? It's a very cute and subtle detail that looks great at night. 

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