Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Father's Day Gift Guide

Buying for dads can be tough. Hunting for the right gadget or toy is a bit overwhelming and sometimes even intimidating. If  the dad in your life is a BBQ grillin', backyard-lovin', do-it-yourself makin' kinda guy, we've got some great gift ideas to help you help him enjoy his favorite space: the good ol' outdoors. 

This Outdoor Rock Speaker by Paradise® is the perfect gift for dads who love eating and relaxing in their yard. The speaker blends perfectly into gardens and maintains the natural flow of your backyard. Nothing sets that feel-good summer mood better than easy listening tunes. Order a Outdoor Rock Speaker now from; click here
Like the idea of the Rock Speaker but not the "rock" music that may come with it? This Solar Powered Rock Floodlight is the perfect solution and super easy to install. We recommend placing this Rock Floodlight so that it shines onto your favorite shrub or low-hanging tree at night. It really adds some nice aesthetics and creates a whimsical look at night for your whole family to enjoy. Pick up a Paradise® Solar Powered Rock Floodlight from here
"Candles for dad? Yah right!," Is what you may say... until you see these gigantic Outdoor Flameless Candles by Candle Impressions®. Don't think of them as candles, in fact, think of them as lanterns or accent lights. With a 6" diameter these aren't your typical candles and they can easily lend themselves to masculine looks. If the dad in your life has a special chair on the patio he likes to lounge in, place these beside it with the timer option on so they come on at the same time every night. Pick up a few for Father's Day at here

This 6 Piece LED Deck and Stair Light Kit by Paradise® has been a very popular item for 2014. These stainless steel lights have a compact flush mount design which is important for deck lighting because they don't take up any unnecessary space or pose a tripping hazard on stairs. If your dad has built a deck himself or recently got one installed, these lights are the perfect way to light up his prize. Grab one of these easy-to-install sets from here. Psst! It also comes with Muti-Colored Lights here
Father's Day is on Sunday, June 15: just around the corner! Comment below with any questions on these products or if you have any other gift ideas.

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