Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Happy Earth Day!

On April 22 classrooms, homes, and workplaces across the the world have been working together to spread environmental awareness and respect since 1970. Today over 1 billion people are participating in Earth Day: are you one of them? 

Earth Day is a global environmental charity focused on informing people of our environmental impact andmost importantlyeducating them on solutions. Although only publicly celebrated once a year, Earth Day hopes to inspire environmental respect every day of the year. 

Candle Impressions® Flameless Candles are commonly loved for for being a safe alternative to lit candles, but did you know they are an environmentally friendly alternative too? Here's why:

reducing WASTE

Burning candles inevitably melt down and need to be replaced, but most candles aren't simply made of wax. Many candles come in jars or metal cups, such as tea lights, and have a wick and metal disc. When the candle melts down all of that is thrown out and replaced, but simply "buying" a new candle is just one part of the process. Those candles also have to be manufactured and packaged which takes energy and creates waste. The problem is this process has to happen again and again because lit candles will always burn down. The solution? Candle Impressions®.

Candle Impressions® Flameless Candles are made of quality materials and are built to last. The LED inside the candle will work for thousands of hoursfar outliving the life of a wax candle. Your Candle Impressions® Flameless Candle will last you for years, saving you from having to replace it and saving the environment from unnecessary waste. All you have to do is change the batteries, and we've found a way to eliminate waste on those too...

reducing BATTERIES

Candle Impressions® has always been known for having the longest battery run times in the industry. In 2014 we were able to innovate the technology of our Classic Flameless Candles to have a battery run time up to 3,000 hours on a single set of 2 'C' batteries. With the 5-Hour Timer on, that means the candles will last for 600 days! Not only will you never find a candle that can burn for 3,000 hours, but you'll never find another flameless candle that will last that long either. 

Long battery run times is not all Candle Impressions® has to offer. We also manufacturer rechargeable candles for restaurants, hotels, and spas who otherwise would go through thousands of candles. If you use rechargeable batteries in your home, use them in your Candle Impressions® productsthey'll work! 

reducing TOXINS, CO2, and SOOT

Many candles release toxic soot and CO2 when they are lit. This not only adds to air pollution outside your home, but can create dangerous levels of Home Air Pollutionyes! It's a real thing. 

If you wouldn't let anyone smoke inside your home, then you shouldn't be lighting candles. You especially should never light candles if you don't know what they are made of or candles that are cheap generic brands. Candle Impressions®, being flameless in nature, does not have the risks of toxic soot or smoke and therefore will never make you question the air quality of your home. 

For more information on Earth Day, visit their website at www.EarthDay.org.

Happy Earth Day! 

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