Friday, 21 March 2014

Outdoor Flameless Candles

The nights are warm and the days long. That’s right: it’s patio weather!

Okay, maybe the nights aren't warm quite yet, but if you’re going to take full advantage of the summer this year, you better get ready now. Those nights go fast!

 Imagine this:

The sun is setting. You lean back into a chaise lounge on your patio and take in the smell of the fresh cut grass. You exhale—you’re relaxed. As the sun finally sinks below the horizon, you angrily raise to find a lighter for your candles. Then… tah-dah!

The candles instantly light and you remember you switched to Outdoor Flameless Candles by Candle Impressions® this year. You’re a smart cookie and turned the timer on for 7 PM. You relax again.

Now that your Candle Impressions® Outdoor Flameless Candles are on, you take in the soft glow they cast around your yard. It looks entirely different at night, like a whimsical wonderland. Best of all, you don’t need to worry about a fire starting every time you go inside or the wind blowing them out.

Sounds too good to be true? Let’s take a walk around my backyard…

The Outdoor Remote Control Flameless Pillar Set is a must-have for patio lovers. All of our Outdoor Flameless Candles are made of weather-resistant plastic so they won’t melt in the sun or blow out in the wind. They also all come with a Timer Option and this wonderful set comes with a Remote Control Option, too. The remote is great if you like using lanterns—place them up high, maybe even in a tree, and light them from the ground. Perfect! 

These Summer-Color Flameless Outdoor Pillars can add a pop of color to your patio and create a fun atmosphere for your family to enjoy. Equipped with a 5-Hour Timer, they are great for people who enjoy eating outdoors and are perfect for barbecue decorating. Line these colorful flameless candles along your pool to set the stage for the best pool party of the summer... but you better invite us!

Speaking of pool parties, these Flameless Outdoor Pillars have become popular host & hostess gifts. Bound a thank you card around them with ribbon to give a gift that can be used every night of the summer, each time reminding your friend of the fun night you shared together.

Now these are something to get excited about. The Premium Flameless Outdoor Pillars are available in 3 inch and 6 inch diameters, with heights ranging from 4 – 12 inches. The 6” diameter pillars are new this year, and wow, are they ever gorgeous.

These chic Flameless Pillars truly make such a statement. They’re large enough to place on the ground as stand-alone pieces and cast a beautiful, warm light on their surroundings. Place these beside a large terracotta planter or underneath a low hanging tree and you’ll feel like you’re at an exotic resort.  

Here’s the quick scoop on the features of Candle Impressions® Outdoor Flameless Candles.

Patented Realistic Wick: All of Candle Impressions® Outdoor Flameless Candles take advantage of our exclusive patent on the Realistic Wick Design so they look real, on or off.

Weather-Resistant Plastic: The Flameless Candles in our Outdoor collection are all made of weather-resistant plastic specially made to look like wax. This prevents the candles from melting in the sun.

Timer Option: Whether it’s the 5-hour Timer or Programmable Timer, the Outdoor Flameless Candles all come equipped with a timer for easy lighting.

Remote Control: The Outdoor Remote Control Flameless Pillar Set has an easy-to-use remote control that is the epitome of convenience. Perfect for distance lighting, especially high-places, the remote feature is a must have for decorators.

Let your summers begin! 

- Elle E. Diva

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