Thursday, 1 May 2014

DIY Tulip Tea Lights

These DIY Tulip Tea Lights are perfect for spring. Easy to make & absolutely gorgeous, they're a breath of fresh and awaken your house after the long winter months. 

  • Candle Impressions Flameless Tea Lights (available at and Jo-Ann)
  • Silk flowers 
  • Super glue
  • Scissors 

The steps are self explanatory, but if you have a question feel free to comment below! The only difficult part was making sure your hands don't get stuck to the petals from all the super glue. We recommend using as little glue as possible.

Enjoy! Let us know if you try this yourself or have any questions. These Flameless Candle Tulips would be perfect on dinner tables, in Easter baskets, and along windowsills. Please remember this craft is intended for adults only and is not suitable for young children due to safety hazards with the glue. 


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  2. I absolutely adore these flameless tulip candles, simply elegant and stunning. What a fantastic DIY idea and so beautifully explained :)
    Thank you so much for sharing, can’t wait to give it a go! Hope you don’t mind me linking to this post for awesome DIY’s to try this spring. x

    1. We don't mind at all. Happy you enjoyed it! Thanks for the comment.

  3. I accidentally viewed your blog and I was so amazed with your work that it touched the deepness of my heart and it made me sentimental. Thanks for posting. Visit my site too.