Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine's Day Story

For Valentine’s Day we debated showing you crafts, sharing recipes and product ideas—all of the usual. But we’ve decided to share something else: something personal, meaningful, and good.


What better way to share love than through a story. To us—the people of Candle Impressions®—this isn’t just any story. This is the love story of Don & Dollores. Don, one of Candle Impressions® very first and most dedicated employees, and Dollores, the apple of his eye.

The first time you meet Don & Dollores you can’t help but smile. Coming across a love so genuine is rare and your heart warms just being around them. After 50 years of marriage, Don & Dollores prove to you that love is real and you can’t help but hope—with all of your heart—that one day you’ll be just like them.

“Dollores and I met in 1962 in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia... we were 23 and 21. I was standing there [in the Metropolitan department store] with two of my sales managers … as soon as I saw her, I told them to stand still, ‘don’t move,’ that I would help her … She had just moved to town and was looking for a kettle. She was gorgeous.” It was love at first sight.

Once Dollores met Don, she didn’t stand a chance against his charisma. When asked what made her fall in love with Don, she simply answered: “Don.”

“I can’t even begin to put into words what actually ‘made’ me fall in love with Don … his depth of love and commitment went without question … his warmth and generosity simply stole my heart.”

Wedding of Don & Dollores, 1963
And so Don & Dollores married in 1963, only a year after they first met, and three years later they had their first of two daughters. They were starting a family together, but not without ups and downs, working together to bring out each other’s strengths and conquer one another's weaknesses.

After 50 years the number one lesson Don has learned is that marriage is “all about compromising and negotiating … it’s how you deal with the difficult issues that cement and strengthen the relationship and get you to 50 years.” When you are faced with difficult times, Don says the best thing to do is “hang onto [your] first thoughts [of when you met]. It will help you be kind to your partner and forgive … think the best of your partner and know in your heart that you are working towards the same end.”

A lot changes over 50 years, but according to Dollores that change is positive: “At the beginning, there’s always a huge physical attraction and emotional connection, and while it’s all-consuming and exciting, you have to know that it will change to a different, yet deeper kind of love… which takes understanding, communication, and commitment.”

 Don & Dollores' 50th Anniversary
Don has been working alongside the founding members of Candle Impressions® for 28 years. Don immediately jumped on the opportunity to work with flameless candles in 2003 when he heard John Bacher, our current Senior Executive VP, was getting involved with them.

Don and Dollores continue to represent Candle Impressions® at trade shows across Canada and the US. They still love showing off the novelty flameless candle and hearing the personal experiences of our customers: “You get to hear how our flameless candles have made a difference and that adds the extra incentive to want to be there and reach new people … When you believe in a product, you embrace it and want to share it. The trade shows give us that wonderful opportunity,” says Dollores.

Rather than the usual, we’ve shared with you the often forgotten, yet fundamental, purpose of Valentine’s Day. Love.

What will you share this Valentine’s Day? 

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