Friday, 21 February 2014

Pet Safety & Lit Candles

Time and time again, we hear horrible stories of cats singeing their fur and dogs knocking over lit candles and causing a fire. If you love your pet enough to pet-proof your yard, why take an unnecessary risk in your own home with lit candles? Any flame—whether attended or not—opens the possibility of your pet getting seriously hurt or even killed. 

Barb, now a Candle Impressions® Flameless Candle enthusiast, told us a terrible story about her family cat, Smokey.

Smokey used to love sitting beside candles because of the heat they emitted. One night Barb forgot she had a candle burning in her kitchen and suddenly heard Smokey’s pained cry from the dining room. Smokey had rubbed herself against the candle and lit her long fur on fire—singeing her entire left side. Barb got there just in time to prevent any serious burns, but Smokey’s fur still hasn't grown back. Barb now uses flameless candles because, as she said, “it was a tough and, worst of all, unnecessary lesson learned. It just should never have happened.”

Smokey is not the only pet enticed by candles. The flickering flame is mesmerizing and the new scents are intriguing to all curious animals. Ironically enough, some people light strongly scented candles to overpower the odour of their pets. Lighting a candle in a room a pet frequents—which it must if it has left an odour—is just asking for trouble. Rather than covering up odours, just eliminate them altogether with cleaning methods. It may be more expensive, but it’s worth it. Lighting a candle is just a Band-Aid on the problem, but it’s a Band-Aid that could create a much larger sore. 

Scared? You should be! An injured pet is no joke and there is nothing worse than feeling like you’ve let your furry friend down. But enough of the sad! Here are some pictures of Tofu with some Candle Impressions
® Flameless Candles to cheer you up. 

Tofu having fun!
Safe, pet friendly, and convenient, there is no reason not to switch over to Candle Impressions® Flameless Candles. Plus, you can even buy lovely scented Flameless Candles if odour is still a concern. Your pets will thank you and you’ll thank yourself once you snap some adorable photos like these.
Tofu likes the Vanilla scented candles
Nothing is worth risking the safety of your pet, and ultimately your entire family, if a fire breaks out. One accident can lead to a lifetime of heartache and guilt. Yesterday was national "Love Your Pet Day," so go on! Love your pet.

Looking to make the Flameless switch for your furry friend? Click here to find a store carrying Candle Impressions® near you.

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