Thursday, 30 January 2014

Flowers & Flameless Candles

What better way to celebrate spring than by filling your house with flowers. Tulips and Daffodils are classic spring flowers, but have you noticed—just like colors—flowers trend too? These are the flowers people can’t get enough of this year, starting with one of our favorites: the Peony.

White and light pink Peonies have been popping up everywhere. When we say ‘everywhere,’ we're mainly referring to the world of Pinterest.

Although Peonies are easily incorporated into flower arrangements, decorators have been using them solo in large bouquets. The lush, light petals contrast so nicely against the green stems that detailed vases aren’t needed. What’s best is to place them in large glass or crystal vases, as seen in this pin from The Lane. If you’re going for more of a shabby-chic look, try using a mason jar. 

If you’ve ever seen a Magnolia tree in full bloom, you’ll likely never forget it. It’s amazing to see something so large, yet so delicate and ornate. But Magnolias are just as beautiful up-close as they are from afar. As a rather large flower, the Magnolia makes a perfect focal point for flower bouquets. What we really love is this Magnolia wreath found on Pinterest by lace & tea; the perfect way to welcome spring! 

The Magnolia connects us to the next Southeast Asia flower we’ve been noticing: the Lotus Flower.

The Lotus is an iconic flower, cherished for its intricacy and glow-like effect the yellow center casts onto the petals. A single Lotus placed with the face upwards in a shallow, square vase, is a great way to make a statement and perfect on kitchen counters or low tables. The Lotus is so loved that the flower has carried over into popular d├ęcor and been recreated in candle holders. 

If you’re looking for a great DIY project for your Candle Impressions® Flameless Tea Lights of Votives, check out this amazing project Bliss Bloom Blog did.

If you're not into crafting, QVC has some great Candle Impressions® flameless candles with floral detail, like this 6" wax Floral Crewel Flameless Candle.  

As we said in our Spring 2014 Colors post, adding flowers to a Candle Impressions®
flameless candle vignette or candle garden is a great way to add a breath of spring to your house. With Candle Impressions® flameless candles, you can place the flowers right next to the candle and not worry about heat or fire wilting your beautiful bouquets. Plus, the light Candle Impressions® flameless candles casts onto the flowers will create a beautiful glow and show off the flowers into the evening.

Do you agree or disagree with these flower choices? Let us know what you think!

- Elle E. Diva

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  1. 100% agree - I do this on my fireplace mantle all Spring and Summer. I use your flameless Peacock candle in the center and surround with cuttings from my Lilac bush and Hydrangea's. At night the mantle explodes with Ambiance.